Comprehensive Message Center: iMC2000

Published:2014-09-25    浏览次数:597

iMC2000 is an important device of McWiLL(R) broadband multimedia trunking system, providing functions of SMC network elements and short message interworking gateway, and supporting SMPP V3.3/V3.4/V5.0. It also supports point-to-point short message and broadcast short message services.

- Based on generic server platform;
- Support historical short message storage and query;
- Able to work as a short message center and a short message interworking gateway simultaneously, helping to reduce the initial investment in networking;
- Support stacked capacity extension.

- Maximum user capacity per system: one million;
- Number of concurrent short messages: 500,000;
- Concurrent short message processing capability: 500/second;
- Information retrieval latency: 2,000ms (95% of probability);
- Information sending latency: 1,000ms (95% of probability);
- Information loss probability: 10-7.




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